Driving licence for a motorcycle

Depending on the size of your motorcycle, you will need either a Category A1, A2 or A licence to ride your motorcycle.

A Category A1 licence entitles you to ride a light motorcycle, Category A2 a medium-sized motorcycle, and Category A any larger motorcycles.

The minimum age for Category A1 is 16, and the minimum age for Category A2 is 18. If you are taking your first driving examination in Category A, you must be 24 to obtain a Category A licence. If you are upgrading your Category A2 licence to a Category A licence with further instruction, you must be aged at least 20.

You must always obtain a driving licence permit when applying for a Category A licence. You should submit your application to an Ajovarma office.

Driving instruction

You must then complete a course of instruction, either at a driving school or with a driving instruction permit. You may also obtain a training licence for independent practice.

You can begin your instruction no more than six months before you reach the minimum age requirement for the category in question.

For each motorcycle category, you must complete at least 12 hours of theory and at least nine hours of practical instruction. Under certain circumstances, an exception may be made to the minimum amount of driving instruction you are required to take.

Driving examination

You must take a driving examination after completing your course of instruction.

You can book a time for your examination at an Ajovarma office. You must prove your identity when you arrive to take your tests.

The driving examination includes a theory test, a handling test and a driving test on the road.

Driving licence posted to your home address

You will receive a certificate when you pass your examination. This certificate will entitle you to drive a motorcycle of the designated category in Finland (excluding the Åland Islands) for six months. Your driving licence will be posted to your home address within about three weeks after you have passed your driving test.

Motorcycle licences issued before 19 January 2013

Two categories were used in motorcycle licences issued before the new Driving Licence Act came into effect (19 January 2013): A1 and A.

A Category A1 licence could be upgraded to a restricted Category A licence by sending an application to the police. Before the legislative amendment, the minimum age limit for larger motorcycles in Category A was 21. However, 18-year-olds could be issued with a restricted Category A licence entitling them to ride a motorcycle restricted to 25 kilowatts.

The entitlements bestowed by Category A licences issued before 19 January 2013 remain in force as per the former Driving Licence Act.

Restrictions on these driving rights were removed from Category A licences by 19 January 2015. Restricted Category A licences issued before 19 January 2013 are now therefore unrestricted, as long as the licence is still valid.

The power restriction was removed from restricted Category A licences after a fixed period of two years. You have not automatically been issued with a new driving licence showing the highest A Category. However, your right to drive can be determined from the start date of your restricted Category A licence. This date is marked on the licence.

If you wish, you may apply for a duplicate driving licence that shows the highest category A. This may be necessary if, for example, you ride a motorcycle abroad. You should submit your licence application to an Ajovarma office.

Source: Trafi.fi 20.09.16.

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