Driving licence for a car

You need a Category B licence to drive a car or van. You must be aged 18 or over to get a Category B driving licence.

A driving licence permit is required for a driving licence. Permit can be issued no more than two years before you reach the minimum age requirement. The permit is valid for two years. You should submit your permit application to an Ajovarma office.

Driving schools usually provide application forms for driving licence permits. They will often submit your application to an Ajovarma office. However, you can also submit your own application to Ajovarma. Application forms are available from Ajovarma offices. You can also fill out your application at the office. You must have a driving licence permit in order to take a driving examination. It's worth applying for your permit in good time before booking a time for your theory test.

Driving instruction

You must complete the required course of driving instruction, either at a driving school or with a driving instruction permit. Driving instruction consists of three phases: the basic phase, practice phase and advanced phase.

If you are learning at a driving school or under the guidance of an instructor who has already been issued with an instruction permit, you may start taking instruction before applying for your driving licence permit.

The basic phase includes at least 19 hours of theory and at least 18 hours of practical driving instruction.

The practice phase begins as soon as you have completed the basic phase and passed your driving test. In addition to your own personal practice, it includes one hour of theory and two hours of practical driving instruction.

After passing your driving test, you must wait at least three months before you can take the advanced phase. The advanced phase includes at last four hours of theory and four hours of practical driving instruction.

Once you have completed the practice and advanced phases, you will receive a certificate of instruction that must be sent to an Ajovarma office without delay. You must supply a certificate of instruction within two years of passing your Category B driving test, otherwise the police will impose a temporary driving ban on you. Trafi will send you a written reminder of your obligation to provide a certificate of instruction 18 months after you have passed your driving test.

Driving examination

Once you have completed your basic instruction, you can take the theory and practical driving tests at an Ajovarma office. You will have to prove your identity when you arrive to take your tests.

Driving licence posted to your home address

When you pass your driving examination, you will be given a certificate entitling you to drive on mainland Finland for six months. Your driving licence will be posted to your home address within about three weeks after you have passed your driving test.

When you have passed your driving examination, you will get a driving licence that is valid for 15 years. If you wish to keep your driving licence valid, you must renew it within 15 years. You can renew your licence no more than six months before it is due to expire.

You will have to renew this licence in 15 years' time. No further driving instruction or examinations will be required when renewing your licence. However, if a longer period has passed since the expiration of your driving licence, you may be required to take a new driving examination in order to get a new licence.

Source: Trafi.fi 20.09.16.

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