Driver must have a driver's license matching the respective vehicle for the road transportation. In Finland, driver's license is issued by Trafi (Finnish Transport Safety Agency) and this service is provided by Ajovarma Oy since 1.1.2016, at theirs nearest service location. While driving on the road, the right to drive is demontrated for the police by driver's license card.

Right to drive or driver's license has to be generally ackquired from driving school, driving instruction permit (opetuslupa) or from educational facility. Trafi approves the the effective curriculums and supervises the teaching process.

In the change of the year 2014, law reform brought changes to driver's education when teaching with driving instructing permit. Driving instruction permit can be used for following driver's license categories:

  • AM120(moped)
  • AM121(moped car, light quadricycle)
  • A1, A2 ja A(motorcycle)
  • B(car, only first phase curriculum)

Every driving instruction permit category curriculum has it's own contents, also depending on whether you are a teacher or a student. Click on the respective images in order to check it out in greater detail.

Slippery road practice.

Driving instruction permit is one way to ackquire driving skills for driving on the roads, but you can always turn to the professionals - driving instructors for help. We sincerely recommend it. Driving schools willingly provide different teaching packets for driving instruction permit teachers and students. You can buy regular driving lessons, lessons for night-time driving simulator, practicing driving on slippery road, single theory lessons or whole theory lessons packet.

Whether you need professional help when learning to drive, feel free to contact the nearest driving school.

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