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1. Theory exam training

Netreeni is image- and theory exam training software aimed for students, who are pursuing drivers license, even for drivers who want to train traffic regulations.

Training software consists of situational questions, multiple-choice and video exercises. Our software provides ability to train for contemporary Trafi theory exam.

The feature is available in teacher's Basic-packet, student's Basic- and Premium-packet.

2. Teaching management

As a driving instruction permit teacher you can manage student schedules electronically. You can see your own education events and your students see theirs.

Theory lesson reservations

Schedule theory lesson for student.

Driving lesson reservations

Driving lesson for student.

Teacher's driving lessons

Students theory lessons.

The feature is available in teacher's Premium-packet.

3. Student assignments and diary

As a student you have assignments and a diary that are related to traffic and learning assignments. Optional (ordered separatedly) student's e-book is available, which is then connected to the timeline. Your teacher also sees the timeline and entries made by you.

Student timeline

Main wiew of student timeline.

Student basic task

Basic task on student timeline.

Student applied task

Applied task on student timeline.

Diary entry

Diary entry for timeline.

The feature is available in teacher's and student's Premium-packet.

Student e-books in Finnish

Choose a student's e-book for B, AM120, AM121 and A-category from the possibilities below.

  • Kelpo Kuski

    Kelpokuski logo Kelpo Kuski is electronical self-study materials for B, AM120, AM121 and A-categories - over 40 000 students have accomplished drivers license usin Kelpo Kuski materials. Comprehensive e-book works everywhere and on every general device.
  • Turvallisuutta Teille

    Turvallisuutta Teille logo Turvallisuutta Teille! carries out wide-ranging materials for drivers education. Implemented by driving instructors, brothers Johannes and Matias Sankari, providing the first interactive driving school e-book in Finland that updates driving education up to the present day. It works on all platforms.

    AM120- and AM121-book also contains T-class (tractor) student book for same price.

The feature can be bought in addition for all packets.

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