Register description

1. Registrar

Datadrivers Ltd, Hallituskatu 2 A 7, 95400 TORNIO
Business ID: 1040366-3

2. Controller of register

Datadrivers Ltd

3. Name of register

4. Purpose of processing personal data/purpose of the register

The register contains personal and educational data of instructors and students who obtain their driverís license with a driving instruction permit. The instructors and the students process the information themselves. The necessary equipment for this register has been outsourced and is maintained by Webtoyou Mediateam Oy (

5. Register data content

Personal data, information related to instruction and degrees, as well as billing information.

6. Normal data sources

The information is obtained directly from the instructors and students. The teacher and the student give their consent for storing and handling data in the register.

7. Principles for register protection

Information stored onto the server computer (the principles for register privileges and supervision of use, and physical protection of the hardware) The information in electronic format is encrypted and protected with usernames. Different user groups have different access levels to process the information. The information is saved in databases, which are protected using firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases and their backup copies are located in locked and guarded premises, and only specifically appointed people have access to the information.